Bliss Honeybees - Treatment-Free Beekeeping
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The mission of Bliss Honeybees is to provide education, to produce honey from untreated hives, and to utilize scientific research to raise healthy treatment-free bees for sale and breeding.
Bliss Honeybees is located in Medford, Oregon. The apiary contains both Horizontal Top Bar and natural cell Langstroth hives; the bees live in unpainted, chemical-free cedar.
The goals of Bliss Honeybees are:

1) to build the apiary in order to eventually be able to supply affordable treatment-free bees adapted to the local environment (West Coast, San Francisco to Seattle) to greater numbers of hobbyists and beginning beekeepers;

2) to encourage self-sufficient beekeeping;

3) to encourage many people to keep a few hives, which is the healthiest way for bees (and people!) to live;

4) to provide healthy, raw, local honey and uncontaminated hive products.

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